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Prayer Spaces

Our Prayer Spaces are usually available for a week at a time and host a number of sessions during the course of a day dependent on the school timetable. It gives children and young people of all backgrounds an opportunity to develop skills of personal reflection and to explore prayer in an inclusive and safe environment.

Each event is made up of six or seven interactive activities with groups of students moving through them in a carousel style during one of their lessons. Our team transform the available space using backdrops, lights, music, screens and posters; it provides a totally immersive experience unlike anything else they will have experienced in their school day.


This activity takes a broadly Christian perspective yet the central themes remain accessible to young people of all faiths and none. The sessions are designed to allow participants to explore life’s big questions in a creative and interactive way providing a tangible and purposeful outlet for their concerns and boosting their emotional wellbeing. Previous themes have included loss, thankfulness, aspirations and forgiveness.

This project is part of the national Prayer Spaces in Schools initiative and is supported by them.

I really loved Prayer Space. It was so helpful to be still and not feel pressure or stress.
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At the end of each event, all of the responses are prayed over by our team. Any key issues or themes that have emerged are shared with local churches giving them the opportunity to consider their own responses to contemporary issues facing young people in their community.
Prayer Space Leader

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Your donations help us ensure that schools can continue to access our Prayer Space project free of charge.

A gift of £900 could cover the costs of producing one event from start to finish including set up, resources and staffing.

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