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Our Impact

We are committed to delivering high quality, educational activities which inspire the next generation to explore Christianity.


Our activities also facilitate a number of additional benefits; we promote positive and inclusive attitudes helping children celebrate their unique differences and developing their confidence and resilience. We explore topics that help create responsible and respectful individuals who contribute positively to their community and flourish both in and out of the classroom.

We currently reach over 30,000 children and young people each year responding to their spiritual, moral, social and cultural needs and supporting their personal development. We work closely with teaching staff, church leaders and other community organisations to ensure a joined-up approach that complements rather than duplicates existing provision.

We are an inclusive charity and welcome all children regardless of their faith or even if they have none. The messages and themes we explore, such as friendships, caring for our community and looking after the planet are relevant to all young people and help them develop a strong foundation.

 Well done to everyone at The Family Trust and thanks so much for impacting young ones in exploring Christian faith. My children were blessed from your work. Two of them are actively carrying on in the faith and now supporting children at their

local church.


Two thumbs up!


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“Seeing the children so engaged was amazing; the smiles on their faces says it all! ”


Children reached in 2023


Schools supported in 2023

“Mentoring has helped me understand things better and not to worry so much.”


Mentees supported at secondary schools in 2023 


Volunteers assisted at Chequer Tree Camp 2023 

“Thank you so much for the amazing performance yesterday. Our children thoroughly enjoyed it and are still talking about it today!”


delivered in 2023


Seasonal events delivered across Christmas and Easter
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Outcomes and Evaluations

Before we start planning our activities, we first consider the current needs of local children and schools; we speak to teachers, headteachers and church leaders. We use our own experience and knowledge of child development and we research key issues affecting the lives of young people. We then identify outcomes which are tailored to meeting these needs and develop our evaluation methods accordingly.

From our Collective Worship Assemblies to our Mentoring programme, we are committed to evaluating all of our projects to ensure they remain effective, engaging and in line with our planned outcomes and values. We record key outputs such as attendance and bookings figures and alongside this quantitative data, we capture qualitative feedback from teachers as well as the children who take part in our activities. We use a variety of evaluation methods from quizzes and games to discussions and self-evaluation surveys. Combining all this information helps us monitor our overall impact and plan our future services.

 Our teams meet fortnightly to share learning and discuss and review their work across the region which means any necessary changes can be implemented quickly across the whole organisation.

"Studies have found that having a sense of spirituality can benefit young people helping them to have a sense of purpose and giving them the skills needed to cope with life. Spirituality has also been found to improve emotional wellbeing and may lead to increased attainment at schools."

('The role of school-based health education in adolescent spiritual, moral, social and cultural development’ Chester, K. L. et al. 2019.)  

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