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Collective Worship

Our termly Collective Worship assemblies sit within the Spiritual, Moral, Social and Cultural (SMSC) curriculum and help schools fulfil their requirement for a daily act of worship. They are also great fun and loved by children and teachers alike! 

Each year, our team present a new theme; these have previously included 'The Lord's Prayer', 'British Values' and 'Wow! Miracles from the Bible'.


This academic year, with children's mental health of such great concern, our team have decided to share the Five Ways to Wellbeing and our termly topics will be: connecting with other people, being active, taking notice, learning and giving. 

Content is delivered from a Christian viewpoint but the overall themes we explore (such as friendships, the importance of being active or how to be a good communicator) are relevant to all children regardless of their faith or even if they have none.

Assemblies usually last around 15 minutes. The content is presented by two team members and includes interactive elements, music and bible stories. To complement this face-to-face provision we have also provided additional online resources which explore each theme in more detail. 

To get a feel for our Collective Worship, please visit our YouTube channel.   

Thank you so much for leading today's worship. So many children commented on how they enjoy your visits - true compliments indeed! 

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The children absolutely love The Family Trust worships and we’re very lucky to have them several times throughout the year. 

I would like to take the opportunity to thank you and your colleagues for the many wonderful assemblies you have led over the past years. They have been engaging, entertaining and always leaving us with an important message.

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Your donations help us ensure that schools can continue to access our Collective Worship free of charge.

A gift of £150 could cover the costs of bringing our termly programme to one school for the whole year.