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Kingsquads meet weekly in primary schools across Maidstone, Medway and Swale. These extra-curricular clubs take place at lunchtime or afterschool and are open to children in Year 3 and above. Our team present high-quality Christian teaching to help children grow in their religious literacy and spiritual understanding. We also have a number of clubs which are facilitated by local Christian parents, teachers and church leaders who use our programme of work to deliver the sessions.

During a typical Kingsquad, children will hear bible stories, learn more about Christian values and have the opportunity to ask questions and discuss their ideas and thoughts. The sessions are also packed full of games, crafts and other fun activities. For the academic year 2023/24, we will be exploring the stories of Moses, Joseph, Esther, David, Peter and Paul.

As well as learning more about Christianity, Kingsquad clubs build self-esteem and confidence and facilitate friendships as children learn and grow together. Our leaders are all excellent role models and promote positive attitudes. Children can feel safe knowing they will be listened to and respected.

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I love that everyone is kind and caring to each other…we make new friends…we trust and respect God.
Year 5 student

I love Kingsquad. From stories to activities, crafts to fun, Kingsquad is the best!
Year 5 student

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If you want to find out more about our Kingsquad clubs please take a look at our current resources. You are welcome to use any of our materials at your own church or school but if you would like to run an official Kingsquad club please let us know so we can get you set up with everything you need.

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Your donations help us ensure that schools can continue to access our Kingsquads free of charge. A gift of £500 could help towards equipping a club for one term.

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