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Prayer Spaces at Primary 

Throughout the year, our team are available to facilitate Prayer Space sessions. These can be held over a number of days in a permanent location such as a spare classroom or run in a temporary space, like a hall, for a shorter amount of time. We have even run events in marquees on school fields!

The experience is designed to help children explore life’s big questions and issues, their own spirituality and their personal thoughts in a creative and dynamic way. It provides a tangible and purposeful outlet for their questions and concerns.

Each of our Prayer Spaces is based around a theme and usually consist of six or seven interactive activities for groups of children to work through during the course of a lesson. 


The session is set up and run by our team and is also supported by volunteers from local churches. 

Thank you for coming to
visit us and for providing such a well-prepared session.

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It was a very calm and peaceful experience and The Family Trust were all very supportive and encouraging to the children.
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Your donations help us ensure that schools can continue to access our Prayer Space sessions free of charge.

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