Who is Joseph?

This term we are going back to near the beginning of the Bible and looking at the life of Joseph. As a man of God he was put through a lot, but God was faithful and delivered. We want to encourage the children this term about God’s faithfulness and no matter how tricky things might get, He will always overcome it all.

Why is he so special? - Joseph and his Brothers - God uses us for good Genesis 37:1-10

Why don’t they like him? - The Brothers’ Jealousy - We are all loved by God - Genesis 37:12-36 Why did Joseph go to prison? - Joseph the Prisoner - God will always turn it around Genesis 39-40

What was he capable of? - The Wine-server’s Promise - Good things come to those who wait -Genesis 41:1-36

Who stole the cup? - Joseph and the Missing Cup - God is always by our side - Genesis 44-45 What did he do? - Joseph the Ruler - Thank God every day - Genesis 45

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