The Lion King

You will probably all know the film ‘The Lion King’ and some lucky people will have also seen the stage musical. For the next two terms, we will explore with the children issues linked to different scenes from the film that link to different Bible stories. We have suggested sections of the film to show if possible (with scene numbers or times). However, if you can’t show the DVD, there are synopses of the scenes for each week included with the notes. The weeks are in order of the film scenes rather than Biblical order.

Celebration! - Genesis: The Creation

I just can't wait to be king - Luke 18: 9-14

Simba runs away from Zazu - Jonah 1-3

Going to the elephant graveyard - Luke 4: 1-13

The hyenas attack Simba - Genesis 37: 3-36

Simba's dad dies - Luke 22: 14-23

Hakuna Matata - Luke 10: 38-42

Don't pretend to be someone else - John 21: 1-19

Rafiki says Mufasa is not dead - Acts 2:1-18

Rafiki leads Simba to the water - Acts 3: 1-16

Timon, Pumba and Nala help Simba - 1 Kings 17: 8-24

Simba is King! - Luke 2: 1-20 & Matthew 2: 1-11

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