This term the Kingsquad notes focus on one of the judges that governed Israel

before the kings. The story of Gideon contains examples of emotions and dilemmas

that we all face at some point.

We have included one week about a group who spread God’s word into everyday places

where people may feel in need of comfort, guidance or support, Gideons International.

Overcoming Fear - The Angel & Baal statues - Judges 6:1-32

Knowing God's Will - Laying a fleece - Judges 6:33-40

Trust - God reduces the size of Gideon's army - Judges 7:1-8

Encouragement - The soldier's dream - Judges 7:9-15

Listen to God - God's plan works - Judges 7:15-25

God's word is important - Gideons International

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