Big Questions

We have a BIG God, but this often raises BIG questions. In this term’s notes, we look

at some of these questions with the children. Some we know we will not be able to

answer fully, but it is OK to say that sometimes we have questions as well.

Why does God have some many names? - Moses and the burning bush - Exodus 3:1-15

Why did God make us? - God made Adam and Eve - Genesis 1:26-31

If God loves us, why does he let bad thing happen?

Does God forgive me? - The prodigal Son - Luke 15:11-32

Are Jesus and God the same? - Jesus' baptism - Matthew 3:13-17

How can God hear all our prayers at once? - Peter escapes from prison - Acts 12:1-17

What is a Christian? - Peter and Cornelius - Acts 10

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