A journey with Paul

This term we are looking at some of Paul’s journeys and adventures

and how they can relate to our own spiritual journeys. See if your group can realise the message

found in all the activities each week and can share what they think we are learning about before

you deliver your application.

A journey of the heart and mind – coming closer to God. The Conversion of Saul - Acts 9 vv 1-19

A journey with a friend – encouragement for each other. Paul in Damascus Acts 9 v 20-31

A journey with your peers – follow God, not the crowd. The Riots in Ephesus Acts 19 v 23- 41

A journey of trust – trust in God. Paul in Malta, Shipwrecked- Acts 27

A journey to follow God’s plan – to share Jesus with others. Paul In Rome Acts 28 v 16-30

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