What We Do

Collective Worship

For each of the six terms within the school year we present a new and interactive Christian assembly. Children will be hearing Bible stories and take part in songs, drama and quizzes, all presented with a strong moral emphasis, from a Christian viewpoint.



Kingsquads are official school clubs which are encouraged and resourced by The Family Trust. They are run in a variety of formats by local Christian parents, teachers and Church leaders, who organise a varied programme which includes games, craft, DVDs and Bible stories. Notes and resources are provided by the Trust. These clubs give every child the opportunity to learn more about the Christian faith in a fun way.


Money Courses

In 2017 we started partnering with Christians Against Poverty (CAP) to deliver their Kids Money Courses in schools. Kids Money Courses introduce the concepts of earning and spending money as well as exploring the concept of contentment from a Christian perspective. By talking openly about money with children at an early age, we hope to educate and support the next generation to have a greater understanding of their finances.


Seasonal Events

Throughout the year we can offer schools events tailored around a particular subject. These range from pantomimes and Christmas shows, to prayer spaces and Easter lessons. We can create something bespoke to suit each school's needs.


Chequer Tree Camp

For children in school years 4-7 every summer The Family Trust runs Chequer Tree Camp. This is a summer holiday camp filled with activities, laughter, fun and games and Christian teaching. Chequer Tree Camp has been running since 1987 and we now see some of the first ever campers sending children of their own.


Secondary Schools - CAST

Churches and Schools Together (CAST) came about at the request of local churches. It was recognised that there was an opportunity for Christians from local churches to serve and make contributions to Secondary Schools. CAST has successfully developed as an extension to the primary school's work of The Family Trust.

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